Connecting to WiFi networks

Henderson State University broadcasts three wireless networks to which users can connect.


The preferred and fastest wireless is the "HSU-Secure" network. To use "HSU-Secure," a unique wireless passcode is needed. Your wireless passcode is retrieved by connecting to the "HSU-Wifi-Setup" network and logging into the portal with your HSU credentials. Each device you intend to use on wireless must be registered on the "HSU-Wifi-Setup" portal before your wireless passcode can be used to connect it to the "HSU-Secure" network.

Specific instructions are provided in the links below.


This network is for use by guests of the University on a temporary basis. There is no password to join this network. It will show as 'Open' on your device. Simply connect to the network, and you will be directed to a Captive Portal webpage. Enter your email address for access to the Internet. This network is limited in bandwidth speed and services. You must re-enter your email address daily.

Residence Halls

Wireless is available in all residential areas of the HSU campus. The network name and password for the building are posted in residential common areas.

Gaming consoles and other Internet-Connected devices: Information Technology Services recommends using wired Ethernet, if possible, for gaming devices for the best experience.