Adding Secondary Devices to the HSU Secure WIFI Network

These are the steps required to add secondary devices to the HSU-Secure network.

Secondary devices are typically any device that requires an internet connection other than a smartphone or computer. Secondary devices include but are not limited to; Roku, Firestick, Chromecast, AppleTV, and other streaming devices; Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo gaming systems; smart TVs, wireless printers, and digital assistant devices including; Alexa and Google Assistant/Home.

  • First, you will need the MAC address of the device(s) you want to connect. Example MAC address: 00:0a:95:9d:68:16 (refer to your device's manual/product information to find the MAC address)

  • Make sure your primary device (phone or computer) is already registered to the HSU-Secure network and can log in. For instructions on setting up your primary device visit: Mobile Setup Computer Setup

  • Log into the HSU-Wifi-Setup Network from your primary device using your HSU credentials

  • Next, click Manage My Devices

  • Enter your login credentials again

  • Scroll down the list of your registered devices and click "Register Another Device"

  • Enter the MAC address for the secondary device here and click Register

  • After the device has been registered copy the login code from the screen.

  • You can now connect the secondary device according to its normal set-up instructions* using HSU-Secure as the network and the code provided in the previous step as the login password.

*Please refer to your individual device's instructions for connecting it to a wireless network.