Remote Desktop Connection

Remoting in to your desktop from home can be difficult and confusing so here is a guide on a simple way to connect from anywhere to your desktop at Henderson. Before we go in to this you have to know your computer name and hsu credentials.

Step 1: Go to your windows Start button and type, "remote". The Remote Desktop Connection is what you are looking for, open it.

Step 2: Enter your computer name into the Computer Field, followed by

Step 3: At the bottom left click Show Options

Step 4: If you want to save your credentials so you don't have to do this process all the time check the "Allow me to save credentials". Go to the Advanced tab along the top and click it.

Step 5: Click the settings button in the Connect from anywhere group.

Step 6: Click the radial button that says, "Use these RD Gateway server settings:" Type in

Step 7: Click "OK". Then click "Connect" at the bottom.

Step 8: !IMPORTANT! Type in "hsdomain\" before you type in your username. It will not connect you without it. Ex: hsdomain\helpdesk

Step 9: Do the same thing you did for step 8. Enter your credentials with an hsdomain in front of it. There is a reason you have to do it twice.

Step 10: The last step. It will prompt you and ask if you trust a certificate, yes you do trust it.