Staff Remote Access

This will allow you to access either a basic University desktop computer or your own Workstation without the need to connect via the standard VPN.

Please note, as of 02/16/2024 you will also be required to access a DUO push notification after entering your correct username and password. Please check you phone/tablet for this notification.  

To use this system please download the appropriate client for your system/device:

Windows Store: Windows 10 client in the Microsoft Store

Android (Samsung, LG, Google etc): Android client in Google Play

iOS (Apple Phone): iOS client in the iTunes store

macOS: macOS client in the iTunes store

Please note: Instructions will vary per device type. The examples shown below are for a desktop and a mobile device.

After installing launch the application:

Desktop Clients

Mobile Clients

To add access to a basic workstation:

  1. On the main screen, tap or and then workspace
  2. Enter the your email address and tap "Find feeds" or "Next".

Desktop Clients

Mobile Clients

  1. On mobile devices (Android and iOS) click:
  2. When prompted, provide the credentials. Either select an existing account or select or
  • For username enter your email and the password you use to login to your University computer
  1. Click or
  2. Under the tab Desktops: Click Basic Workstation to connect to the remote basic workstation. You can access your mapped drives and Microsoft Office. When launching Poise for the first time please click yes to any alerts relating to accepting KEYS

To add access to your own workstation:

To use this method please ensure you have obtained your computer name. (Please see help article: Finding the name of your computer )

Setup the new desktop connection:

Tap or and click Desktop to add a new desktop connection

If you are presented with Desktop Detection tap Add Manually

    1. In PC name enter your previously obtained computer name
    2. Under username select an existing account you have added or select or :
      • For username enter: your email address
      • For password enter the password you use to login to your University computer
      • Tap Save
    3. Tap show additional options or Show more
    4. Under Gateway select Add or :
      • For server name enter:
      • For user account keep the default option of: Use desktop user account
    5. Tap Save
    6. Click your PC name to connect to your University workstation. Please note your workstation must be powered on to access externally

Desktop Clients

Mobile Clients